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secret blend Captain Jack‘s

This beautifully soft rum was created

from a blend of the finest 12-year old

rums from the Caribbean and shows

itself in a beautiful bronze. Regarding

the taste, "Mary Read's Choice" is a

more typical rum compared to "Anne

Bonny's Favourite". The rum unfolds a

beautiful taste of honey on the tongue,

perfectly finished by notes of

cinnamon and toffee and an echo of

fine soft sweetness and spiciness.

Mary Read was the wilder of

the two ladies, and even shot a

member of the crew from her

anger. For her, we created a

great rum with fragrances of

fine toffee and vanilla.

A unique and unrivalled fragrance

of strawberries and apricots builds

the opening, which blends with the

nuances of vanilla and caramel. On

the palate, the rum surprises with

its pleasantly soft and sweetly

fruity character and the interesting

interplay of fruits, caramel and

vanilla. Very soft and persistent in

the finish.

Anne Bonny, the mother of Calico

Jack’s children, is represented in our

softer rum. Composed of 8-year old

top rums from Panama, it's a

beautiful amber color.

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Captain Calico Jack and his two famous female crew members: Anne Bonny and Mary Read
Calico Jack Rackham - born December 21, 1682 in Bristol, England, died 17 November 1720 in Santiago de la Vega, Jamaica - was an 18th century pirate captain. His name was derived from the colorful calico clothing he wore. Nowadays, he is well-known for his crew, including the two most famous female pirates: Anne Bonny, with whom he also had two children, and Mary Read. Anne Bonny was the daughter of an Irishman, who emigrated to the USA and became a rich plantation owner. Since Anne was too bored of plantation life, she moved to the nearby Charleston harbor. In Charleston Anne met James Bonny, a penniless adventurer and sailor whom she married. Together with her husband she embarked in New Providence (today's Nassau). This city was considered the capital of the pirates. Here she met Calico Jack Rackham, who was supposed to have invented the pirate flag Jolly Roger, left her husband and hired on Calico Jack's ship. Because women were not welcome on board pirate ships, she dressed as a man. Later in New Providence, a new man, Mark Read, hired on Anne's and Calico Jack's ship. Anne noticed the new man - who, however, on closer examination revealed that he was also a woman: Mary Read.
The two women and Calico Jack were now cruising, plundering and murdering the Caribbean and were notorious and feared as a team. The prehistory of Mary Read is more ambiguous. It is certain that she was born in London in 1685 and died of a fever in 1721/1722. Whether she hired in New Providence or - as you can find too - on a Dutch slave ship hijacked by Calico Jack and then taken as a pirate in Calico's crew is unclear. In 1720, Rackham's ship, the "Revenge," was attacked by an English warship. By this time, they were in Jamaica. The ship crew - apart from the two women - was drunk and hid under deck. Anne Bonny and Mary Read fought alone. Their resistance did not last long. When the other pirates came on deck, Mary shot in anger and killed one of the crew. On 16 November 1720 the judgment for Calico Jack, Anne, Mary and the crew was appealed: death by hanging. The execution of the two women was postponed as they were supposed to be pregnant. Mary Read died one or two years later by a fever, nothing is known about Anne Bonny's further life.

The Finest Rum

of the


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Explosive The Cannoneer‘s
An rum bomb with a unique smell and taste of cacao. Planned to be released in autumn 2019 with explosive 48% Vol. alc. Visit us on the events below to be one of the first to try. Contact us for a free ticket to the Cologne or Hamburg Fair.